Floricoltura Loi for A-fest Sardinia 2018

Our company keeps on growing!

From May 30th to June 3rd our productions contributed to realize a great event: the A-fest! 

Launched in 2010, A-Fest is an event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more. 

The idea is to bring together successful personalities from all over the world to reflect on the great themes of our time. 

And what better place than our Sardinia can host the XX edition of the A-fest dedicated to longevity? 

At this link you can find out more about the A-fest world.

Every evening, our set ups have recreated a theme: starting from the classic pool party, we have welcomed guests in the amazing location of the Forte Village Resort. 

The next evening, we dedicated great efforts to the Gala dinner & party, which we entitled to the theme of the Dolce Vita. 

Our guests found themselves into 60s Rome: we recreated some spots from Rome, adding some original touches to the selfie corner like the Vespas and a Vintage 500. 

All these elements contributed to realize a romantic and unique atmosphere, welcoming A-Fest in Italy for the first time.

During the third evening, the traditional setting of Corte Noa hosted the festival dedicated to Sardinia. 

We wanted to offer our guests a taste of our land, inviting them to discover our products and giving life to a sort of village festival, with interesting sessions with traditional dancers and Sardinian aromas and perfumes.

The participants had a great party, with a unique mix of Sardinian sounds and modern dance party rhythms. So, the day after we thought of giving them some relax, with an after dinner dedicated to colors and perfumes: multi-colored sets with poufs and cushions, scented candles and huge vases of flowers.

Our greatest satisfaction came from the design and creation of the design for the final evening, which took place at the Convent of San Giuseppe in Cagliari.

The theme were the 4 natural elements: air, earth, fire and water

 We have therefore recreated around the location 4 different corners, using differente items such as balloons, lanterns, vases and waterfalls, all to set up a rich and complex setting.

We invite you to take a look at the images of this great event that we wanted to share with you.

Taking part to a such great and important event has been an important creative and technical challenge, which allowed us to successfully deal with the context of international festivals and theme parties.

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See you soon for other exciting events !!

Thanks to Maurizio Casula photographer for his shoots at the Convent of San Giuseppe